ODRG: research, dissemination and education

Oral Diseases Research Group (ODRG)

Our main goal is to identify, manage diseases affecting the oral cavity and investigate the causes processes and effects of these diseases.


Our group was born with the conviction that a better scientific knowledge is essential for therapeutic interventions and the development of research lines regarding oral diseases.


Our activities aim to:

  • Promote diffusion of scientific knowledge to dental professionals and society.
  • Update and deepen knowledge related to the oral biology, pathology and medicine area.
  • Train dental surgeons and researchers capable of identifying, treating or deriving oral diseases.
  • Generate research questions from clinical manifestations.
  • Generate reflections on the dynamics of oral tissues.
  • Create international collaborative networks.
  • Increase professional and public awareness of the field of oral biology, pathology and medicine.

The group is coordinated by Dr. César Rivera ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-5491-4233.

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